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Big Bucks High Rollers vs The Concrete Cows


We kicked off champs 2019 in Milton Keynes, hosted by the Concrete Cows.  It was a nail-biting game which was settled with an overtime jam, giving us our first win.

 BBHR 135 - 123 MKRD


Big Bucks High Rollers vs The Bourne Bombshells

Our home champs game was an amazing success all around. With help from every member of team green, as well as our extended fam, the event was the perfect open door event. The atmosphere was electric with the audience's support but everyone worked really hard and it all paid off with a win against Bourne Bombshells.

BBHR 217 - 93 Bombshells


Big Bucks High Rollers vs The Vendetta Vixens


It was a very hot day in Daventry against the Vendetta Vixens for our third champs game. But much like the sweat that rolled off us, we rolled to victory!

BBHR 166 - 125 Vixens


Big Bucks High Rollers vs Surrey Roller Girls


The champs season ended at Guildford where we played Surrey Roller Girls. It was a high energy game with everything to play for, but BB emerged victorious and this years Tier Three South Champions.

BBHR 202 - 107 SRG


We want to thank everyone who came to support us, helped at the matches and trained with us. We couldn't have done it without you.

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